Prior to it being made an independent Shrine

1573 - Fr. Joao Diaz SJ who was appointed to Bandra (Santa Ana). A Spaniard, he was ordained a diocesan priest in 1536, but after meeting Fr. Francis Xavier in Malacca in 1546 became a Jesuit and worked in the western coast region of India.

1587 - Fr. Manoel Gomes SJ, Vicar of Santa Ana.

1616 - Vicar of St Andrew's, Bandra.

1730s - Fr. Thomas Villanova SJ, last Jesuit Vicar of Andrew's Church.

1739 - Fr Paulo Dias, Vicar of St Andrew's and in-charge of the Shrine.

1761 - Fr. Dr. Francis da Cruz.

1846-48 - Fr. Antonio Joaquim da Silva, curate of St. Andrew's.

1869-74 - Fr. Erasmo Francis Xavier, from Ranwar, residing in St Andrew's and Chaplain of the Shrine.

1877-88 - Fr. Elias Hypolito Fernandes, of Pakhadi - Chuim.

1888-1907 - Fr. Elias Braz Dias of Pakhadi Boran, residing in St Andrew's

After being made an independent Shrine

1943-50 - First Rector, Msgr. Dominic de Sa, born in Agashi (1880) and studied in Damaun as well as Rachol, Goa.

1950-53 - Msgr. Placidus Edward Fernandes from Kantwadi. He constructed the Rectory - Marianella the Pilgrim House opposite the Shrine, and began construction of the Oratory.

1953-59 - Rev. Dr. Vivian Dyer from Mazagon. He completed the construction of the Oratory.

Tombstone of Bishop Longinus Pereira, located in the basilica

1959-88 - Bishop Longinus Pereira from Bandra was the longest serving Rector, and organized efficiently the celebrations of the Feast of the Nativity of Our Lady, despite the growing number of pilgrims. He has also had the privilege of receiving both the Popes who have visited India at the Mount.

1988-1995 - Fr. Joseph Praxedes Pereira also from Bandra. After serving the archdiocese in various capacities, he served as an efficient Rector at the Shrine. During his tenure he laboured hard to build the multipurpose building named Mary Hill opposite the Shrine.

November 26th, 2020
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1995-2016 - Msgr. Nereus Rodrigues retired as Rector after 21 fruitful years, a renowned educationist, he completed his post graduation through the University of London and obtained a doctorate in Canon law (Rome). He has toiled in the ministry of education both at school and college levels. St. Andrews College ( Bandra west) is also one of the fruits of his labour.
The Marian project and exhibition at the Mount, depicting the scenes of the twenty mysteries of the Holy Rosary was initiated by him.
With his approval (through Fr Aniceto Pereira and Mr. Peter deSouza) the official web site of the Basilica was launched in 2012.

2016-2023 - Bishop John Rodrigues: Born on 21st August, 1967, has the distinction of being consecrated as Mumbai's youngest Bishop, his Episcopal Ordination was on 29th June, 2013.
This 'Bandra Boy' has been a Stanislite, Andrean and Xaverite who has had a very rich academic and varied ecclesiastical career. After completing his Licentiate in Systematic Theology from the Pontifical Lateran University in Rome in 2002 he has held many important portfolios of the church in Mumbai, including the post of Dean and Rector at St. Pius X College, Goregaon, until his new posting as Rector of this Basilica on 1st June, 2016.
His motto: To Build up the Body of Christ (Eph 4:12)

2023 (Current) - Fr Vernon Aguiar: Acting Rector