1954 - The oratory of Our Lady of Fatima is located opposite the basilica on the western side and was the brain child of Msgr. Placidus Edward (Eddie) Fernandes.

It was built as a memorial of the Marian Congress held in Bombay from the 4th - 8th December 1954.

After climbing 38 steps, devotees come face to face with a beautiful 6 1/2 foot marble statue of Our Lady of Fatima holding a rosary in her hands.

Cast upon the walls of the oratory is the sevenfold message of Our Lady, viz. prayer, penance, meditation, peace, rosary, reparation and sacrifice.

At night, a glow emanating from the burning of wax offerings atop this shrine is often visible from far off.

The Oratory of Our Lady of Fatima, built in 1954

The Road Cross with the Oratory in the background, an early morning view